Gmail-Dot is trivial

People often built email addresses with period in them , dot creates a period) . This is often difficult for other people to remember who want to dispatch a mail to you . This problem is even prevalent for usernames used in Facebook , Twitter and other social networking websites .   Now there… Read More »

Health- healthy for the best

What is health ? There is no particular and universally accepted definition to describe this term . During 1948  , The World Health Organization (WHO) defined health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Oxford dictionary defines it as “The state of being free from physical or… Read More »

Asthma-Causes , Symptoms , Diagnosis and more

Asthma is one of the most common and ancient diseases that our world suffers from . Asthma was recognised as early as Ancient Egypt . But sadly , there is no cure for this epidemic . It usually begins in the childhood . And the statistics related to Asthma are very intimidating . In 2013,… Read More »

Best Tips to exploit WhatsApp

The modern civilisation does most of its conversation through e-messages or rather instant messages , most commonly known as chatting . Facebook revolutionised the online social networking . Then the emergence and evolution of smartphones propelled the fame of WhatsApp into the online social network . WhatsApp because of its ease of design and low… Read More »

how to enable Skype Push To Talk feature

this article is all about enabling skype push to talk button feature , Skype is an application that can be used for video chats and as well as for voice calls.  We could also send videos and text messages , images and few more digital documents .Skype has a whooping 74 million users and still… Read More »

WhatsApp Web Version

WhatsApp have over 1 billion user bases , and now you can enjoy WhatsApp over your PC , yeah a new service called WhatsApp web launched, though this user has to connect his / her mobile to WhatsApp web through a bar code scanner, how to use WhatsApp Web version today I will explain you… Read More »