Android N or Android 7.0 Nougat Compatibility Issues

Android N Compatibility Issue

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Android N Compatibility issue and controversies about it :

Android N compatibility issue – Google launched its newest operating system Android 7.0 Nougat for phones and tablets last week to Nexus Devices. So, many other smartphone users are expecting the new update soon.  This newest version of Android OS features many amazing user friendly features like split screen multi-tasking, inline messaging …. Click here to read – Android N Features and release date

But to our dismay Android N is not available for all. Smartphones featuring Qualcomm Snapdragon 800/801 chipsets would not receive the update. Old Flagship phones of smartphone manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, HTC would also not receive this update due to the Android N compatibility issue. Now the question would be : What is this Compatibility issue?

Qualcomm asserted that they won’t update their Snapdragon 800/801 chipsets (or CPU) to support Android Nougat. Android 7.0 in its Android Open Source project has removed the support for MSM8974 chipset. This is used by Snapdragon 800/801 chipsets along with Adreno 330 GPU supporting OpenGL ES 3.0 standard.  In order for devices to be approved for Android Nougat, they need to pass Google’s Compatibility Test Suite(done for the first time ever). For Nougat the test requires graphics driver support for Vulkan (a cross platform 3-D graphics API) or OpenGL ES 3.1 standard.

Android N compatibility issue

This means that smartphones and tablets using Snapdragon 800/801 are not supported. Due to this,  Google devices such as  Nexus 6 and Nexus 7 which run using snapdragon 800 chipsets would not get the update. Other devices that would  also be out of  race are Sony Xperia Z3, HTC One M8, Xperia Z3 Compact, OnePlus One, OnePlus X, Xiaomi Mi4, Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 3, LG G3.

We haven’t heard anything about this from Google, and hope that they make the necessary changes to support the incompatibility issue. So fingers crossed as my own phone uses the Snapdragon 801 chipset :).


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