Arsenal vs Southampton Live 2016 : Live Score

Arsenal vs Southampton Live 2016 – In Previous Premier League campaign match of recent Saturday Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain play their former club but they are not getting success as much they hoped, today is a very rising questions on Arsenal’s ability to improve their performance in today’s Arsenal vs Southampton Live match score which is started right now in Emirates Stadium


Arsene Wenger’s team is having single point from over last two games and it is totally game changer, In February 2016 This Premier League campaign which was managed by Ronald Koeman and held by Saints, but in this Premier League campaign of September 2016 after creating victory in north London.

Arsenal vs Southampton live Score: Latest Score, Team news, latest score and goal updates

Arsenal vs Southampton Live 2016 : Live Score

Arsenal vs Southampton Live 2016 : Live Score

Arsenal vs Southampton Live SCORE : 

2 – 1

Arsenal Won 

What Arsene Wenger  SAID before This Match

“He was a fighter as a player and he will be a fighter as a manager.”

“Even on the morning of a Cup final, he could tackle and even if it was the manager then no problem!”

“Claude Puel was well known in training to be a good tackler.”

“We had great experiences together, and great years together, so I believe that he will be successful at Southampton.” This Premier League campaign is having only three games The challenge now is to keep it up over the last match of this short season. Here is a personal interview one of the coaches who has been worked with a Walcott at Southampton Premier League. he said an adorable word that ““purity of his play”, how Walcott was more direct, and less manufactured than many boys they see. Walcott was still close to the Southampton coaching staff after joining Arsenal, still keen on their input. But for another old coach of Walcott’s, the move to Arsenal has not turned out as he hoped.

Match Details: Arsenal vs Southampton (Emirates Stadium)

Arsenal Team Latest News

Arsene Wenger must have to decide to do hand debuts to Shkodran Mustafi and or play for Arsenal’s Premier League clash with Southampton.

Before the previous league, they take international break and doesn’t feature against saints who has been arranged the previous league in London and injuries are very defensive to play again of Southampton

SouthamptonTeam Latest News

Southampton Team faces Arsenal in the Premier League on Saturday for Ryan Bertrand is back in this league.

They missed the opening of all three previous seasons due to his knee problem, in team they have goalkeeper FraserForster who has been dicking due with arm injury but now he is in action.

All we can say is Arsenal vs Southampton is gonna be the most interesting match in this league.

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