Best Tips to exploit WhatsApp

The modern civilisation does most of its conversation through e-messages or rather instant messages , most commonly known as chatting . Facebook revolutionised the online social networking . Then the emergence and evolution of smartphones propelled the fame of WhatsApp into the online social network . WhatsApp because of its ease of design and low size is now installed in almost each and every smartphone possessed by an individual . The major attributes of WhatsApp were inspired from Facebook like  profile picture and instant messaging options .

Now WhatsApp has become an integral part of every persons life . Its usage is versatile  that ranges from communicating with text to a media file and to  often used file formats

Now before beginning with my list of tips on effectively using your WhatsApp account to so that you can customize it in accordance with your convenience . . Let us start with a brief introduction about it .

  • What is WhatsApp ?

Ans. WhatsApp is an mobile based instant messaging app which allows a user to send messassge , media(including audio & video) , documents and many more to contacts(or people) saved in his WhatsApp account  .


So lets begin with our tips on effectively using WhatsApp .

  • Hide your “Last Seen” time stamp from showing it to others

LAST SEEN timestamp is the time value shown to a person just below your name as saved in their contact list .This time value tells them that when were you last active on WhatsApp .  People are sometimes not willing to show their presence on WhatsApp even if they are using it  regularly , mostly to hide it from their parents so that they can mislead them as if they were not using it anytime  . For them here is the way to illusion

  • Open WhatsApp , then tap on the dotted lines represented as further called as “List Option”.
  • From the drop down menu select Settings
  • then tap on Account
  • Privacy then on tap the first option Last Seen
  • then check the last option Nobody .

Now not a single person would be able to see your LAST SEEN timestamp . The procedure happens to be same for profile photo and your status .


  • How to see your messages on a PC ?

If you are using your PC more than your smartphone and wants your WhatsApp messages to be delivered to your email , then do the following :

  • Open WhatsApp , tap on List Option .
  • Tap on Chats then the last option Chat History .
  • Then Email Chat , this opens your WhatsApp contact list to see their messages through e-mail .
  • Select the required contact , then you’ll be prompted to select either With Media or Without Media .
  • You can continue the step 4 continually to access more email conversations .


  • Get access to your chats if they unfortunately got deleted

WhatsApp automatically saves all our chats in two files named as msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt and msgstore.db.crypt . msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt file contains all the messages sent or recieved in last 7 days .

By using this you can see your previous messages and also restore them only when you’ve uninstalled and reinstalled  WhatsApp again . So be cautious from deleting these files when you’ve uninstalled your WhatsApp for a time being .

  • Open your File Manager
  • Then sdcard/whatsapp/Databases .
  • Here check for the files msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt and msgstore.db.crypt
  • Copy this files to your PC and then using Notepad or any other alternate text editor , you can see all your 7 day old messages .

The same files is used for restore purposes once you reinstall your WhatsApp but no media files would be restored during this process.


  • Disable automedia download

You would always want all media files , audio video and images and  documents (recently this was added)  , to be downloaded with your own consent and not automatically as done by default in WhatsApp .

This is paramount for people working with limited Data plan .

So just do the following :

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Select the Setting Optionwhatsapp-auto-download-images-min
  • Data Usage
  • and then under the Media-Auto Download block
  • untick or uncheck all the option for all the 3 that are , When using Mobile Data  Wi-FI and  while on roaming , accordingly .


  • How to make a WhatsApp call more data viable ?

A video call is always more costlier in terms of data usage than the equivalent number of texts send and received . So for Data conscious people here is the way to minize your data usage when you make or receive a WhatsApp call

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Select the Setting Option
  • Data Usage
  • Under the Call Setting block , uncheck the option Low Data Usage .


  • How to stop anyone knowing whether you have read their message or not ?

Before this you need to know what a Single Tick , Double tick and blue double tick means . I’d give an abstract description about the process .  When you type a message for your friend and as soon as you click on Send icon  it gets loaded on your network to be routed to its destination that is your friend’s WhatsApp account (single tick) . As soon as the message reaches to the device application he(your friend) gets notified (double click) .  That friend then sees your message explicitly by opening your contact in his phone (Blue double tick).

But you can prevent people from getting a Blue Double tick to  their messages that is making them assume that you haven’t seen their messages yet , even if you’ve seen their messages on your device . Follow the bellow steps :

  • Select Settings
  • Account then Privacy
  • Search for Read Receipts option and uncheck it .

But after doing this even you wouldn’t be able to see blue double tick  for your messages send by you to your friends .


  • To change phone number without needing to create a new whatsapp account

You got a new sim or a new phone with new sim on that then still you can access your old WhatsApp account without having to create a new account . This is one of the best features of WhatsApp .

  • Go to Settings
  • Account then Change Numberchange-phone-number
  • Now there are 2 ways to proceed
  • If you just bought a new sim for your old phone you then just add the old number and new number in their respective fields .
  • If you have a new phone with a new sim into that then you need to first save your new contact dtails in your old phone overwriting your existing contact detail .


  • Select A Custom Notification For A Particular Group

Custom notifications are oftenly used by users to distinguish between the notifications of many similar groups . For this do the following

  • Keep a group icon pressed for few seconds until it gets checked and certain options come at the top .
  • Tap on List Option , select Group Info
  • Scroll down to see Custom Notifications and tap it
  • Check the option Custom Notifications
  • Depending on your choice elct the tone , vibration mode , pope up notification and light .


  • Extend your Whatsapp Validity

Usually a person gets a year of validity for using WhatsApp for free . To avoid this limitation just perform the below steps ;

  • Go to settings>Account>Change number.

So the technique is Change your mobile number twice and reinstate to the same earlier and this  leads whatsapp to extended validity for your android account.

You can better understand this with an example

-> Lets say your Phone no. is 8866****** having service expiration apr 29 ,2017.

-> You just have to enter your old number as 8866****** And other number in the new number field 9067******.

-> Repeat the same process again keeping old number as new and vice versa and bring back your old number which you want to keep.

Hurray ,  you have successfully extended your validity for one year from today’s date. ( The date on which you are performing this trick) .


  • How to hack your friends conversation ?

This means that you can see your friends chats with his contacts for the previous 7 days . Before doing this turn off your Data Network and do the following :

  • Take your friends phone on the pretext of playing a game or any other smart reasons.
  • Using a file manager open the folder sdcard/whatsapp/Databases . Locate 2 files named  as  msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt and  msgstore.db.crypt
  • Copy these to your computer . Rename that file from “msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt” to “msgstore.db.crypt” If the file is called “msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt5”, rename it to “msgstore.db.crypt5”
  • Now without switching on your data network uninstall your WhatsApp .
  • Move those copied files msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt and  -msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt5  to your phone sdcard/ whatsapp/Databases folders of your phone .
  • Reinstall Whatsapp and turn on your Data Plack
  • WhatsApp will ask for restore. Choose restore from backup.

Cheeky but you have all your friend’s whatsapp conversation on your phone. Don’t use these trick for any malicious purpose please .

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