Facebook will soon tell you about your financial situation

Social networking site Facebook has filed a patent application for a technology. With the help of this technology, Facebook will explore the financial condition of the user. Users will be divided into three parts – Working class, middle class and upper class.

According to the news, according to the patent, Facebook will explore the use of this user’s personal information like education, home and internet with this technique. Based on this, the company will divide its users financially in 3 parts.

According to Tents, Facebook will be able to target its users on economical basis with this algorithm and accurately. This will help advertisers reach their audiences more.

Earlier on February 4, Facebook completed its 14 years. Meanwhile, Facebook informed that about 20 million fake accounts are being run on its platform. According to Facebook, 20 million accounts can be either fake or double accounts of the same person. With this, the company has also informed that the number of such accounts in India is very high.

The company released data on the basis of MAU (Monthly Active Users) by December 2017. According to this, the number of duplicate accounts of more than one account holder and Facebook is more in developing countries. In countries like India, Indonesia, Philippines etc., it is more than other countries.

In its latest annual report, Facebook has stated that in the fourth quarter of 2017, the share of duplicate or double accounts is about 10 percent of the MAU.


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