Gmail Dot: Does the Dot Actually Matters?

Gmail Dot: Significance of Dot in Mail Ids

Gmail Dot: Does the dot in your gmail id matters? -People often built email addresses with period in them , [email protected](the dot creates a period)- Gmail Dot . This is often difficult for other people to remember who want to dispatch a mail to you . This problem is even prevalent for usernames used in Facebook , Twitter and other social networking websites.

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Now there is something interesting related to this , that you should know . The leading mail provider Gmail doesn’t cares about the dot: Gmail Dot . Yupp , you read it write the presence of dot  ( or period) in your gmail address is very trivial or irrelevant . But certain email providers like Yahoo to take into account that little piece of punctuation .

Gmail Dot

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Focus back to Google , there’s absolutely no difference between [email protected] , [email protected] . Also the case doesn’t matter as [email protected] , [email protected] , this all above said go to the same person addressed as [email protected]: Gmail Dot . Also this is irrelevant on Facebook too . But Google Apps does recognise these dot , so be cautious while login to a google product through your gmail address .

But for mail addresses at Microsoft Outlook , Yahoo Mail or Apple iCloud , dot do matter . They will discriminate the above written mail addresses. I know this is bit confusing , Twitter does the best by prohibiting the use of dot . Clever aren’t they .

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