Teachers Day Speech Poems Wishes 2016

Teachers day speech – Happy Teachers day to all , so what are you looking for are you looking for Happy Teachers Day poems , happy Teachers day speech for upcoming event in your school , or colleges , or looking for Happy Teachers day wishes to wish your teacher , yes you are at right place we will list out some of the selective Teachers day 2016 poems , speech, wishes indeed i have lot of respect for my old & new teachers am very honest while making this list , i hope you will like my collection and praise me by give a quick comment 🙂 .

Teachers Day Speech Poems Wishes 2016

happy teachers day speech poems wishes

happy teachers day speech poems wishes

happy Teachers day speech

Remember all words he say
Words to make you social
Words to make you special
He is our teacher
He is our guide
Lets make him feel pride

happy teachers day 2016

Teacher is a person
who always helps everybody

to get the knowledge
always stands beside the students
when they have problems.
Thanks for being my teacher.
Happy Teachers Day

The Award for
the most wonderful teacher
has been declared
it goes to You.
Wishing you a very Happy Teachers day!

 Teachers day 2016  poems for kids

I look forward to your class
When I come to school.
You’re an awesome teacher;
I think you’re very cool.

You’re smart and fair and friendly;
You’re helping all of us.
And if I got to grade you,
From me you’d get A+!

By Joanna Fuchs ( )


If I Could Teach You, Teacher

If I could teach you, teacher,
I’d teach you how much more
you have accomplished
than you think you have.
I’d show you the seeds
you planted years ago
that are now coming into bloom.
I’d reveal to you the young minds
that have expanded under your care,
the hearts that are serving others
because they had you as a role model.
If I could teach you, teacher,
I’d show you the positive effect
you have had on me and my life.
Your homework is
to know your value to the world,
to acknowledge it, to believe it.
Thank you, teacher.

By Joanna Fuchs reference taken from 

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teachers day speech poems in hindi

 Nahin hain shabd kaise karoon dhanyavaad,
Bas chahiye har pal aap sabka aashirvaad,
Hoon jahan aaj mai usme hain bada yogdaan,
Aap sabka jinhone diya mujhe itna gyaan.

 Aapne banaya hai mujhe is yogya,
Ki praapt karoon mai apna lakshya,
Diya hai har samay aapne sahaara ,
Jab bhi laga mujhe ki mai haara.

Par main hoon kitna matlabi,
Yaad kiya na maine aapko kabhi,
Aaj karta hoon dil se aap sab ka sammaan,
Aap sab ko hai mera shat shat pranaam.


Teachers day speech

First of all start speech (Teachers day speech in English for school and college students) with the name of this great personality Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was born in a Telugu family in a village near Thiruttani IndiaDr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan  became the Vice President of Indian republic when Dr. Rajendra Prasad was the President of India. When Dr. Rajendra Prasad died, Radhakrishnan became the President of India. We, the students, are very proud to pay our respect to that great Teacher-President on this day.  Teachers’ day is observed in India on 5th September to pay respect to the teachers of our country (India). Teachers are personalities who are regarded as the back-bone of our society.  Teacher is a mentor that has always did his best to shape a good human being in us. They make great contribution to build up the characters/carrier of students and help them to become ideal citizens of our country (India).  Our parents bring us up (nurture)  and give us essential things like food  for our survival, but teachers arouse our hearts with light of knowledge and remove all obstacle in our way of carrier. The study that we do at our school and college build the foundation of our character/carrier and shape our personality.

It  is truly said “Teachers are God in the name of human beings“. “Books gives us knowledge, but teachers convert it into wisdom “ , i can’t give back whatever i get from my teacher though out my whole life , i just want to say one thing please accept a heartiest Bow

Teachers day speech in hindi

प्रिय प्राचार्य, शिक्षकों और मेरे प्यारे दोस्तों को सुप्रभात। हम सभी जानते हैं कि हम यहाँ हैं यही कारण है कि आज का दिन शिक्षकों को मनाने के लिए। मेरा आत्म, कक्षा में पढ़ने वाले _______ __ शिक्षक दिवस के अवसर पर भाषण करना चाहेंगे। सब मैं अपनी कक्षा शिक्षक को धन्यवाद देना चाहूंगा का पहला उद्देश्य मेरे शिक्षक दिवस पर इस तरह के भाषण के लिए एक महान अवसर प्रदान करते हैं। अपने भाषण का शीर्षक है, यही वजह है कि शिक्षकों को हमारे जीवन में बहुत महत्वपूर्ण हैं।
भारत में शिक्षक दिवस 5 सितंबर की हर साल पर छात्रों द्वारा मनाया जाता है। यह डॉ सर्वपल्ली राधाकृष्णन की जयंती है। उसका जन्म समय से हर साल शिक्षक दिवस के रूप में मनाया जा रहा दिनांकित है जब छात्रों के अनुरोध 1962 में भारत के साथी उन्होंने स्था राष्ट्रपति।

शिक्षक वास्तव में शिक्षा और छात्र के जीवन की दिशा में महत्वपूर्ण भूमिकाओं समीक्षा खेलते हैं। शिक्षकों को आम तौर उचित दृष्टि, ज्ञान और अनुभव के साथ एक व्यक्ति बनें। अध्यापन के पेशे के अलावा कोई अन्य नौकरियों महान जिम्मेदारी के एक पेशा है। विकास, विकास पर काफी प्रभाव पड़ता है और अच्छी तरह से छात्रों और राष्ट्र की जा रही है: अध्यापन के पेशे। Selon मदन मोहन Malavia (बनारस हिंदू विश्वविद्यालय के संस्थापक), एक शिक्षक “…… यह काफी हद तक अपने हाथ में है बच्चा जो मनुष्य का पिता है के शिक्षक के मन ढालना है। उन्होंने कहा कि देशभक्ति और राष्ट्रीय पैदा करने के लिए समर्पित है और उसकी जिम्मेदारी का एहसास है, तो उन्होंने कहा कि पुरुषों और महिलाओं की एक देशभक्ति दौड़ जो धार्मिक चाहेंगे देश प्लेस सामुदायिक और राष्ट्रीय लाभ से ऊपर सांप्रदायिक लाभ ऊपर का उत्पादन कर सकते हैं। “

Happy Teachers day wishes

Thank you for teaching me how to read and write, for guiding me to distinguish between what is wrong and what is right. For allowing me to dream and soar as a kite, thank you for being my friend, mentor and light.

You have done wonders in my school life,
By enlightening me with your wisdom,,
Transforming me with your intellect and
Working diligently with perseverance.
Thanks for making me what I am today!!
Happy Teachers’ Day.

Teachers Day
The way you teach…
The knowledge you share…
The care you take…
The love you shower..
Makes you…
The world’s best teacher…
Happy Teacher’s Day!

Sending my love and warmth to you ,
You have not only been a wonderful teacher but also friend, philosopher and guide May you have a memorable Teachers Day

Dear teacher, Wishing you happy Teachers’ Day. Thank you for being the guiding light and for inspiring me to do well in studies. You are the best teacher.

You are not only our teacher
You are our friend, philosopher and guide
All molded into one person
We will always be grateful for your support
Happy Teachers Day!

Teachers teach me, teachers help me,
Show me what to do
Teachers make my life much better,
Teachers, I need you.
To teach me how to change my world
It’s something you all can do.
Teachers teach me, teachers love me,
Teachers make me new.

Don’t tell them they are wrong if you can’t prove them wrong.

Happy teachers day to all who helped in inspiring me and helped me in learning the art of living well and were a part of my growth!!

Experience IS THE Best Teacher. Pain IS the GRAND Teacher..

happy teachers day poems in hindi

हम स्कूल रोज हैं जाते.
शिक्षक हमको पाठ पढ़ाते.

दिल बच्चों का कोरा कागज,
उस पर ज्ञान अमिट लिखवाते.

जाति-धर्म पर लड़े न कोई,
करना सबसे प्रेम सिखाते.

हमें सफलता कैसे पानी,
कैसे चढ़ना शिखर बताते.

सच तो ये है स्कूलों में,
अच्छा इक इंसान बनाते.

गुरूदेव के श्रीचरणों में
श्रद्धा सुमन संग वंदन
जिनके कृपा नीर से
जीवन हुआ चंदन
धरती कहती, अंबर कहते
कहती यही तराना
गुरू आप ही वो पावन नूर हैं
जिनसे रौशन हुआ जमाना

गुमनामी के अंधेरे में था
पहचान बना दिया
दुनिया के गम से मुझे
अनजान बना दिया
उनकी ऐसी कृपा हुई
गुरू ने मुझे एक अच्छा
इंसान बना दिया

so here we present you a good collection of happy teachers day poems , happy teachers day poems in hindi , teachers day speech in english and hindi both , in the last happy teachers day wishes i hope you like my post so what are you waiting for share over g+ , facebook , and tweet to your teachers cheers

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