Horse Algebra Question : Find out all possible answers

horse algebra question

Horse Algebra Question

The latest buzz in the internet is the solution for Horse Algebra Question. Many possible answers have been given to this simple problem. But we would let you know the most appropriate and sensible answer for it. As, no one is quite sure about the exact answer so we ain’t confirm our solution.

Now the first thing to ask, “What is Horse Algebra Question?”. The Horse Algebra Question has 3 symbols – Horse, Horseshoe and the cowboy boot. This math puzzle has 4 equations. With the first three having values on the right hand side of the equation. The last equation does not have any value on the right hand side. This is what you need to find.

horse algebra question


Now the possible answers that have cropped up are 22, 23, 44, 48 and 21. With the majority and more sensible been 21. So, we come up with a solution for this, to show we obtain 21.

Horse Algebra Question – Let , a,b and c represent Horse, Horseshoe and Cowboy Shoe , respectively. So the equations take the form.

a+a+a=30    =>3a=30   =>a=10

a+2b+2b=18   =>10+4b=18   =>4b=8   =>b=2

2b-2c=2   =>4-2c=2   =>2c=2   =>c=1

c+a*b=?     =>1+10*2=1+(10*2)=1+20=21   ( Applying the BODMAS rule)

If you’re not aware of the BODMAS rule. Then just read these few lines. It sets the priority of applying an arithmetic operation in a complex equation involving more than one operator are. Brackets(B), Orders of powers(O),division(D),multiplication(M),addition(A),subtraction(S). So we applied the same law. First the multiplicants were computed. The result of this was then added up to reach the final answer.

The answer seems quite easy maths, but the question have tricked many. I hope even you get satisfied with this answer. However, if you any other better answer for this. Please add that in the below comment box.

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