Indian origin scientist, Dr. Hargobind Khurana, was awarded Google doodle on the occasion of his 96th birthday. Biochemist Har Gobind Khurana is credited with the first generation of synthetic genes.

dr. har gobind khurana honored with google doodle


Nobel Prize-winning Dr. Har Gobind Khurana was born in undivided Punjab. Village Raipur, which is now part of Pakistan. Khurana was the youngest of the 5 siblings. He received his initial education from the village school. In his small village, only his family was educated.

Completed High school education from Multan based DAV High School. He went to Punjab University, Lahore for his graduate studies. In 1945, the British government offered him a scholarship, under which he studies Ph.D. from Liverpool University (England).

Dr. Khurana obtained a doctorate in carbon chemical in 1948. In 1968, Har Gobind Khurana, Robert W. Holly, and Marshall W. were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize for their research on the genetic code and protein synthesis, to work in the field of physiology and medicine.

During his lifetime, he was equated with a lot of prizes. National Science Medal is also included

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