New Year Celebration: People across the world celebrate New Year Eve, New Zealand the first country to celebrates in Auckland.New Year Eve, in many cities including Sydney, Techyo, Singapore, people took out fireworks and parades.In New York, it was -12 degree Celsius in midnight, still, Thousands joined New Year celebrations at Times Square. At 12 o’clock, the glittering crystal ball dropped with a burst of confetti, New year starts

In Australia, Sidney welcoming the new year 2018 with the rainbow fireworks the Harbor Bridge Scene. Sidney One of the Cities welcomes New Year at the midnight with fireworks

Credit – GONEWS

In Japan, Fox masks wearing people’s, going to New Year 2018 first pray in Shinto temple in Tokyo


In the Philippines, at the Eastwood Mall in Manila, the people gathered together to greet the New Year with the open heart, A balloons Drop event Organised, People used to capture the moment in mobile phones, this is how the Philippines greets the new year.


In China, with big teapots, China also appeared in the new year’s Celebration. China also to celebrate Chinese new year in February 2018

In India, including the national capital Delhi, the New Year celebrations start with people started dancing and celebrating fireworks welcoming New Year 2018, On New Year’s occasion, all the big hotels and restaurants Organized New Year’s Celebration Events…

London New Year’s Eve 2018 – Fireworks From London


Let’s Checkout also what tweeters have to say about the new year 2018


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