Pre Workout Regime : 5 things to do before you hit a Gym

Pre Workout Regime: 5 Things to do before hitting a Gym


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Pre Workout Regime : 5 things to do


Gym has now become an integral part of life for millions of people. Now everyone who turns 18 years old and above is hitting a gym. Many have started to do it from their home itself. But what we have observed is that some people among this do not warm up themselves before hitting a gym – Pre Workout Regime : 5 Things to do before you hit a gym.

This leads to a lot of grave issues of injuries. Which can be pulling or more worse tearing of muscles. So our tips-Pre Workout Regime : 5 things to do before you hit a gym, will help you get over this.


1. Eat something

Going to a gym with an empty stomach is more worse than talking to a Chinese in English. Having the right kind of food and at the proper timing is necessary. We advise you to eat items rich in carbohydrates before an half an hour to an hour before you start the workout.

Food containing carbohydrates gives you the energy to last the workout. Also try to have a food item which is light. These can be fruits or grains as they are both rich in carbohydrates and light. Remember not to fill up your stomach cause it may burden you when you are on the workout.


Pre Workout Regime : 5 things to doHydration can be done either by Water or any other appropriate fruit juice or smoothies. Drinking water would be the most advisable before you start your workout. It provides the necessary electrolytes. This maintains a good health during workout. Remember to have sufficient amount of water just 10-15 minutes before you start your gymming. Also remember don’t refill yourself with water continously during workout. This bloat up your cells. Try to have a gulp of water after an interval of half an hour.


3. Running

Pre Workout Regime : 5 things to do
It doesn’t matter whether you are slim or fat. Running is an integral part of workout- PreWorkout Regime : 5 things to do before you hit a gym. Make sure that you run at an appreciable pace for atleast a Km or so. Running makes you sweat and the best way to loosen your shoulder, back and leg muscles.

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4. Streching (PreWorkout Regime)

Pre Workout Regime : 5 things to do After running a bit. Now it is the time to stretch your muscles. Stretching helps to free your muscles. Stretching relaxes your muscles, leaving you much more able to move around as opposed to having tight muscles, which restrict movement. Also stretching before a workout decreases your chances of pulling or tearing a muscle that are very much high when you have tighter muscles.

Stretching also warm ups your body. Try to stretch for atleast 5 minutes or so. Do workout specific stretching. Also always do shoulders, back and side stretches. This will greatly reduce the chances of injuries.


5. Warm-Ups or Exercises

Pre Workout Regime : 5 things to doThese are always Workout specific. Like if you are doing for biceps then do the forward hand pull ups and hammering. Always have a set of warm ups or exercise set up for you. These help your muscles to get ready for the task at hand.


So we wind up our advisory on Pre Workout Regime : 5 things to do before you hit a gym. Hope this motivates you to do what has been discussed above.

Pre Workout Regime : 5 things to do before you hit a gym


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