How to Reset Boost Smartphone?– The ZTE Boost smartphones are one of the  cheapest  smartphones in the market. Powered by Android 4 jellybean this has one of the most exceptional features that you can ever see.

3 Simple Ways to Reset Boost Smartphone

Reset Boost Smartphone


To reset your boost phone-  Reset Boost Smartphone- , just read the following steps. We’ve mentioned 3 different steps to do it. You can do the reset by using any one the methods that fit your convenience. While the first 2 require your phone to be switched done (recommended) the last step doesn’t require it to switch down.

First Method:

1.Press and hold the power button to switch of your phone.

2.Then press and hold the Volume Up + Power at the same time or simultaneously for a few seconds. Keep both pressed until you see recovery mode.

3.When the Recovery Mode appears, remove off your press on the buttons. You will few options here, don’t panic just follow the next instruction.

4.Now, to navigate through the options press the Volume Down

5.Select the  option “Wipe Data/Factory Reset”, and press Power button to confirm.

6.Good job ! You have successfully reset your Boost phone

Amazing how simple the steps were. If you are not able to follow the above method, then we have another method for you.

Second method:

  1. Press and hold the power button to switch off your phone.
  2. Now again press the power and hold the power button to turn your phone on. Wait until the booting process is completed.
  3. As soon as your phone is on , open the emergency dial and type this “ *983*22387# “
  4. You will be shown a menu. From the menu in front of you select Erase Everything.
  5. This would start erasing your data and would reset your phone.
  6. Your phone will now restart. Well Done!


Reset Boost SmartphoneNow , even this method does not serve you any good. Then we got another very simple method for you. This does not even require your smartphone to be turned off, thus saving your time. However, this method is not recommended, but still it is save.

Third method:

1.Turn on your smartphone.

2.From the home screen open Menu and choose Settings.

3.Scroll down and select Privacy and tap Factory data reset.

4.Choose Reset phone and select Erase everything to begin hard reset operation.


We hope, the above methods may have served your cause. You can also see a video describing whole process of Reset Boost Smartphone. We wish you all the best and hope to see you soon.

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