Sultan of Brunei arrived in India, You will be stunned to hear the luxurious lifestyle of Sultan

For the first time in the history of India, the top leader of all ASEAN countries, as a chief guest in the Republic Day Parade. But the most special guests in these ten countries are recognized throughout the world for their luxury lifestyle. We are talking about the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bokhiyah. Let us know that besides this world’s richest sultan, it is also included in the list of some of the world’s richest people.

There is a lot of friendship between Sultan Hassanal and PM Narendra Modi.They fly their private plane themselves. They are the owners of small and large private planes. After the Queen of Britain, Brunei is going to become another ruler who will soon complete fifty years of his tenure. Today we will tell you about these luxurious lifestyle.

Before this we tell you that ten countries of ASEAN Southern East Asia include Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Brunei.

Palace sultan of brunei

In terms of area, Indonesia is the largest of them. It is spread over 1,472,639 sq km. The smallest country is Singapore. Its area is only 716 sq km. In this history, Brunei comes in number 9, whose area spans 5,765 square kilometers.The total population of Brunei is 423,196 million. This figure of population is according to the year 2016.

Brunei is known for its fondness. This country was liberated from the clutches of Britain in 1984. The prosperity of the ASEAN countries can also be estimated from this point, after Singapore, the name of Brunei comes in the Human Development Index.

If you look at Rooney’s economy, then it is known that from 1999 to 2008, the GDP has increased by about 56 percent. There is a lot of oil and gas reserves here and it is also a purchaser of India. Brunei is a self-reliant nation due to its natural resources and has remained untouched by Islamic extremism so far.

World’s Largest Residential Palace – A palace of Sultan 1788 rooms lives in Istana Nurul Iman, which is considered to be the world’s largest private home. Sultan’s palace on the banks of the river is also included in the Guinness Book of World Records. This palace is spread over two lakh square feet. There are 38 types of marble in Samna. For this, he got a granite from Shanghai in China, marble from Italy and glass from England. Besides, make the best silk curtains and carpets in China.

Gold plated bathroom of brunie sultan

Istana Nurul Iman has about 1788 rooms and has more than 250 bathrooms. This palace has a helipad, five swimming pools. More than 5000 guests can be feasted at a time in its Banquet Hall. This palace is the world’s largest residential palace used by one family.

White colored Istana Nurul Iman’s dome and buildings are of golden color which can be seen from a distance. The construction of this palace was of two years and around Rs 6353 crore was spent. There is a layer of gold on the things found in the bathrooms of this palace. At the same time, some rooms and walls of its palace are also golden necklace. The magnificence of this palace can also be estimated from this point.

There is a place to park around 110 cars in the garage of this palace. Sultan himself has a big collection of expensive and luxurious cars. In this palace there are more than five hundred sandra lamps, 51,000 bulbs, 44 stairwalls for lighting. Apart from this, there are 18 elevators in this palace. Apart from this palace, there are also very luxurious bungalows in Sultan’s California, Las Vegas, UK. Whenever they go to these places, they stop in their own bungalows.

Brunie Sultan private airbus jet

Sultan Hassanal is very fond of flying the plane. On Republic Day, when he came to India, he was flying the plane himself. They have seen tremendous passion between the planes. They have three big private jets which tell their story of luxury. They have Airbus 340-200, Boeing 747-400 and Boeing 767-200. With the people of Royal Brunei, everything is available according to the convenience of Sultan in these planes. There is everything from the bedroom and the office to the conference room.

The price of these aircraft is approximately $ 700 million. Sultan spent millions of rupees for the interior of these planes. Sultan spent 120 million dollars on the Boeing 747-400 alone. While there are 261 passengers in the Airbus seat, Boing can accommodate 290 people, but this is their private jet that has been prepared for their foreign travels.This plane has a seating area of 660 people. Sultan himself is a pialot and has also flew in 2012 and 2018 state events.

Sultan has a vast collection of cars. According to an estimate, they have about 7,000 cars, worth up to $ 8 billion. These include the world’s most expensive, luxurious and furry cars.

It includes 94 Austin Martin, 17 Audi, 465 Bantelle, 22 BMW, 6 Bugatti, 192 Ferraris and 3 Bugatti. To keep these cars, Sultan has a large garage. Surprisingly, the cars used in the Sultan’s own composition have been used by them twice more than themselves. There is also a large number of Royals Royce in the compilation of his cars.


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