This Beautiful couple has to get married in courtroom bathroom

The latest news came from New Jersey in America recently that a couple reached court and got married in the bathroom instead of the court room.

Got Viral on social media

Like all people, this couple also thought of doing their wedding in a great way. At least they did not think that their wedding tales would be fulfilled in the testimony of the bathroom tape and sink. But his compulsion created such an environment and his relationship was getting viral on social media. Let’s tell you what this unique marriage situation was.

The couple named Brian and Maria Schulz have married a couple of days, which have been the subject of discussion on all sides because these marriages have happened in the bathrooms, not on any glorious location. Well, this was done due to the poor health of the groom’s mother.

For the wedding, Brian and Maria had reached the court with their relatives, where the groom’s mother went to the bathroom, while at the same time they had asthma attack and had trouble breathing. The face became sweaty and the face became yellow because of not breathing. As a primary treatment, it was decided to give oxygen to the bathroom inside the court.

Sheriff of Monmouth County Court House in the US arranged for an oxygen for a sick woman, and then he improved his health. But it was not possible to pick them up and take them to the court immediately.

So both of them got married in the bathroom. The reason for doing this was that if they had stopped the marriage, they had to wait 45 days for Marriage license. That’s why a court official suggested to them that they got married on the same day, and considering the condition of their mother, Bryan took this decision and Maria accepted it.


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