In his first tweet of the New Year, President Donald Trump pulled out Pakistan. Donald Trump – “Pakistan has given nothing to America except lies and deceit.

Trump said, “No more, America has provided 33 billion dollars in aid in the last 15 years to pak, what Pakistan did in return, the terrorists who we are hunting in Afghanistan, Pakistan available security to them. Unless Islamabad stiffens against terrorists hiding in Pakistan, American aid will not be restored.

Trump’s tweet came at a time when New York Times reported last week that the US could stop military aid of $ 255 million to be given to Pakistan. Trump’s tweet is such a threat to Pakistan. Meanwhile, no official comment came from Pakistan, but Foreign Minister Khwaja Asif tweeted. Pakistan government will answer this, world will know the truth

In the wake of a Pakistani news channel, it has been reported that Asif said that “We have already talked about America no more, in this way No More of Trump has no significance.” He further said that Trump’s tweets are full of frustration Instead of US forces, He should move forward in negotiations with Afghan rebels.

In the US, the Afghan ambassador Hammadullah Mohib welcomed Trump’s tweet. He said, “A promising message for Afghanistan, which has long been suffering from Pakistan-backed terrorism.

Twitterers react to this

Rebublic Tv took a nap 🙂 

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